Prakruthi Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being pioneers in machinery and raw materials supply chain management. We recognize the crucial role that the integration of these two components plays in achieving operational efficiency for manufacturing businesses.

Machinery and raw materials are the backbone of any production process. Ensuring a seamless coordination between the two is vital to optimize the utilization of machinery and minimize material wastage. At Prakruthi Entrepreneurs, we understand the intricate interplay between these elements and strive to streamline their supply chains for our clients.

One of our core competencies lies in managing the procurement and sourcing of machinery. We have established strong relationships with reliable machinery suppliers and manufacturers, both domestically and internationally. Leveraging our extensive network, we assist our clients in identifying the most suitable machinery for their specific needs and budgetary constraints. We guide them through the entire procurement process, from selecting the right equipment to negotiating favorable terms and conditions.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to the raw materials supply chain. We recognize that a reliable and efficient supply of raw materials is essential for uninterrupted production and maintaining product quality. Prakruthi Entrepreneurs collaborates closely with raw material suppliers, ensuring consistent availability of materials at competitive prices. We assist our clients in developing robust supplier relationships and implementing effective inventory management strategies to optimize raw material sourcing.

Oil Making Machine

  • Made With Stainless Steel
  • Capacity : 4-8Kg/h
  • Motor Power : 650W
  • Weight of Machine : 11.5 Kg

Paper Plate Making Machine Details

  • Made With Steel Body
  • Capacity (Pieces Per Hour) : 400 - 600 Pc/h
  • Max Plate Size : 4-12inch
  • Weight : 25 Kg

Napthalin Balls Making Machine Details

  • Made With ONHS Metal
  • Production Capacity : 60Kg/8 Hours
  • Die Size : 20mm

Id Cards Making Machine

  • Made With PVC(Polyethylene Chloride)
  • Material Used : PVC & PET
  • Output : 200 Cards/hour

Pencil Making Machine

  • Made With Pvc Metal
  • Production Capacity / Hour : 300-480/h
  • Weight : 9 Kg

Pen Making Machine

  • Made With Steel Metal
  • Production Capacity / Hour : 400/h
  • Weight :15 Kg

The integration of machinery and raw material supply chains is where our specialization truly shines. We work closely with our clients to establish seamless coordination and collaboration between these two critical components. By aligning production schedules, forecasting demands, and implementing efficient inventory management practices, we help our clients achieve just-in-time practices. This reduces inventory carrying costs, minimizes stockouts, and frees up valuable working capital.

Our machinery and raw material supply chain management services are designed to drive operational excellence and enhance overall efficiency. We understand the unique requirements and challenges faced by manufacturing businesses in different industries. Therefore, our solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of each client, taking into account factors such as production volume, product complexity, and market dynamics.

Prakruthi Entrepreneurs Pvt. Ltd. is committed to empowering businesses with optimized machinery and raw material supply chains. Through our expertise, industry knowledge, and collaborative approach, we enable our clients to achieve greater productivity, cost savings, and competitiveness in the ever-evolving manufacturing landscape.