Introducing Sanjay Agarwal, the esteemed Director of SAM Marketing, located in Old City, Hyderabad, and our valued customer Since 2015. Sanjay embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with an initial investment of 50,000 rupees, establishing Lakshmana Rekha Manufacturing Industry. Under the guidance of Prakruthi Entrepreneurs (formerly SR Enterprises), he has achieved significant growth by diversifying his product line.

Today, his thriving business includes Lakshmana Rekha, Candles, Rangoli Chalk Pieces, School Chalkpieces, Cowdung Rangoli Colour, and an Agarbatti Making Industry. Sanjay's annual earnings have now reached an impressive 2 crores, reflecting his remarkable success.

Meet Mahesh, Director of DB Products, a thriving industry in Jagityala, Telangana. Under his leadership, DB Products specializes in a diverse range of goods. Since its inception in 2018, Mahesh's return from Singapore marked a turning point as he sought to establish a sustainable income source in his homeland. With the support of Prakruthi Entrepreneurs (formerly SR Enterprises), Mahesh received guidance and assistance, leading to the success of his business.

Today, DB Products offers Lakhamana Rekha, Rangoli Chalk, School Chalks, Agarbatti, Candles, Scrubber, Bleaching Powder, Dhoop Cups, Dhoop Sticks, Ant Killer Powder, Tea Powder, Masala Packing, and Dry Fruits Packing. Mahesh's journey showcases the transformative power of support and guidance in entrepreneurial endeavours.

Introducing our esteemed clients, Dhana and Sudha, the Directors of the School Chalk Making Industry. This industry was established by the dynamic duo in 2017, originating in Badvel. Dhana, a dedicated housewife, joined forces with Sudha, who is pursuing her degree, to embark on this entrepreneurial endeavour. With a modest investment of 2,800 rupees, they courageously ventured into the school chalk-making industry. Guided by the expert assistance of Prakruthi Entrepreneurs (formerly SR Enterprises), Dhana and Sudha experienced remarkable success in their business.

Their dedication and hard work paid off, as the industry now generates an impressive monthly income of 60,000 rupees for the duo.The School Chalk Making Industry offers a range of high-quality products, including dustless chalk, vibrant rangoli colors, rangoli chalks, and raw material packaging services. To gain deeper insight into Dhana and Sudha’s inspiring journey, we invite you to watch the captivating video below, where they share their first-hand experience.

Meet our esteemed client, Mr. Ram Mohan, Director of the School Chalkpiece Making Industry in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. Ram Mohan has been a valued customer since 2020 when he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey with an investment of 5000 rupees. With a background as a school teacher, he ventured into the chalkpiece-making industry and has achieved remarkable success.Currently, Ram Mohan earns an impressive monthly income of 50,000 rupees, showcasing the growth and profitability of his business.

Moreover, he has created employment opportunities by providing jobs to four individuals.Ram Mohan's dedication and determination have been instrumental in his achievements, transforming his career and financial prospects. We are proud to have him as our valued client in the School Chalkpiece Making Industry.

Prakruthi Entrepreneurs, formerly known as SR Enterprises, has expanded its reach to the international market, forging strong connections worldwide. We are delighted to have established a remarkable relationship with Barhan, the Director of a prominent School Chalk Making Industry located in South Africa. Barhan is not only a satisfied customer but also an advocate of our services, sharing positive testimonials about our company.

Our successful collaboration with Barhan reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services across borders. We value his trust and support as we continue to thrive in the international market, building strong partnerships and leaving a positive impact in the School Chalk Making Industry.

Introducing our esteemed international client, Mr. Tshibwabwa, the Director of a School Chalk Making Industry in France. We are proud to have established a strong and positive relationship with our customers in France, including Mr. Tshibwabwa. We have received exceptional reviews and feedback about the services provided by Prakruthi Entrepreneurs (formerly SR Enterprises), which further strengthens our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner.

The satisfaction and support of our clients, including Mr. Tshibwabwa, drive us to continually deliver high-quality products and excellent service. We are honored to serve the School Chalk Making Industry in France and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with our valued international clients.